Supporting a default search for the chart search module - ideas

Currently the chart search module returns all results when the user just lands onto (loads) the chart search page of a particular patient either for the first time or any other time. As part of my workload for GSoC 2015, We thought of overwriting this behavior with a better experience.

We could define an initial search, say for-example one that returns all results, this would only be used the first time the user lands onto the patient’s chart search page or if the user has no history (deleted all history).

In-case history is available for a particular patient of the logged in user, then we would set the default search to the most recent search/history. This as well as the initial being automatically done by the system. Still we would allow the user to define his/her own default search by choosing one from his/her previously stored bookmarked/favorited searches.

Whichever of the three (initial, historic, bookmarked) above mentioned options/searches that will be configured, it would be what would be run any time the user lands onto (loads) the chart search page. the initial default search would be global or for all patients and users, but the historic and bookmarked default search would be for a particular user and patient.

Now we need your opinion with what you think would be more meaningful and better for the initial default search:

  • should we leave it as a search for all data about a particular patient, or
  • something else, please raise your suggestions by commenting on this post.