Support checksums for so users can verify integrity?


It is traditional for binary download sites to provide checksums (e.g. sha256 or md5) for the files available. This enables end users to verify the integrity of the files after downloading them.

Has there been any work in the past to support checksums for the .omod downloads on If not, who would be the best person or group to work with on designing and implementing something like that?


Thomas Van Doren

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I agree that this would be a nice feature.

I don’t know of any past work or discussions on this, though you can look around the ticket system at

You! :slight_smile:

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Open source development is very much a do-ocracy – that is – you want it done? Submit a pull request :wink:

Thanks @thomasvandoren for your ideas! As the others have said, there’s not any one person actively working on Modulus features from day to day, but there a lot of people here who can help with questions and ideas – especially if you’re capable and willing to dive in to the code.

Whether you’d just like to develop your ideas a bit more, or take a shot at hacking on Modulus, we welcome your contributions!

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