Suggestions for Bahmni Demo site

Bahmni Demo is hosted on (for EMR, Lab and ERP components).

I would like to start a discussion on what features / use cases / improvements can be done in the Bahmni Demo website? Suggestions from potential evaluators, implementors, hospitals, developers, etc are all welcome.

For instance: Would it be useful to have separate Registration Buttons like OPD, Emergency Registration, TB patient, etc? Also - would it be nice to have multiple demos, so that one can see the various possible configurations of Bahmni – or one installation, with various sub-apps is fine?

Please feel free to suggest any improvement. We would like to revamp the demo, and community suggestions will be welcomed.


All features in Bahmni showcased through a single environment. None of the implementation specific instances that we have each and every feature. Need some innovative ways to show case the following:

  • Installation Process
  • Offline
  • PACS I would be happy to brainstorm these.

After performing the security (that is mostly not providing any kind of admin access) related due dilligence and after client’s consent we should open up some of implementation specific instances for people to understand how Bahmni can be setup in various ways.

Just in case, we have university calls which can also be very good for showcasing!

We had a discussion around the current state of Bahmni Demo. Attended by @petmongrels and @pkanchankar, with follow up comments from @pradipta. Meeting notes with next steps mentioned here:

We need more inputs, plus need to identify an MVP for Bahmni Demo. People from community - please give your thoughts on what would you like to see in a Bahmni Demo?

@dkayiwa Thanks for the suggestion. I will check out the univ call timings to schedule something on that. Meanwhile, we have a few Bahmni session in Jan for newbies. Event Calendar:

Will anyone from OpenMRS Univ be interested in announcing this (if they feel it will be useful)?

For me the MVP of Bahmni demo instance would be one where I can showcase following workflows and features

Workflow/ Process flow:

  • General OPD flow
  • Registration - general and Disease specific clinics
  • Capture visit level attributes like Height, Weight, registration fees etc
  • Patient Queue - based on type of OPD, any specialist to see, department specific etc
  • Clinical – View patient dashboard – Capture Observations, Chief complaints, Various disease templates – Capture diagnosis – Capture treatment – Order Lab tests (panels & tests) and Radiology orders
  • Lab flow
  • View Samples to be collected list
  • Collect Sample (based on order placed in Clinical by Doctors) (Sync from MRS to ELIS)
  • Capture test results (Of different types - Numeric with ranges, Numeric without ranges, Drop downs, remarks)
  • Validate and print test results
  • Lab test Results sync back to MRS
  • Billing and Pharmacy flow
  • Treatment ordered in MRS results in Draft Quotation to ERP (Sync from MRS to ERP)
  • Billing clerk is able to add, edit drugs,doses, charge for other services (doctor fees, bed charges etc), etc
  • Generate a bill
  • System updates the inventory stock
  • IPD Flow (low priority to showcase)
  • Doctor issuing an Admit disposition
  • Nurse in at ADT desk is able to view bed availability and assign beds
  • Doctor to give Discharge disposition
  • Capture Discharge Summary

Other Features

  • Print visit summary
  • Print patient cards
  • View charts
  • Print Discharge Summary
  • View x-ray and scanned paper documents / files
  • Stock management
  • Ordering stock
  • Stock moves between locations
  • Inventory management
  • Canned reports for Hospital Administration
  • Patient Morbidity Report
  • Patient demographic breakup
  • Patients for specific clinic or treatment (e.g. Diabetes, TB)
  • Total fees collected in a Period
  • Fees collection by dept including discounts given
  • Lab test break up (no of tests, adverse results) in a period
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Two things that I think would be good are

  1. Separate a “complex” demo (one for a hospital showing PACS, IPD, stock management, …) from a simple demo for a health center that just wants registration and/or clinical. This is so that small centers don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of things that could be there and large hospitals don’t think this is a small system.
  2. Have a nightly cron job that overwrites the database with a clean instance. I’m pretty sure OpenMRS does this with their demo, but we could ask Michael Downey.

Also, I think it’d be great if we could have those demo databases available so that you could have a local install of the same Bahmni demo. I think this would also be useful because if individuals start using it more, we’ll get better feedback as to how to improve it.

Hey this demo link is not working. Could you please provide valid one.

@ravi991 is the URL for Bahmni demo. Also please check for all the Bahmni Documentation.

Thanks. Btw I setup bahmni following

Now how would I go about integrating pacs & dcm4chee. I tried but getting error Error setting up pacs module.