Suggestion for improved documentation of minimal system requirements

The OpenMRS service won’t start automatically after installing Bahmni on a machine with 4 GB RAM and 2 CPUs (Problem details on

I’d like to do the following edits in the Bahmni Wiki to help others avoiding this issue:

(1) Add third first-level-headline on the wiki page “System Requirements”:

Test installations

The minimum hardware requirements for test installations are 4GB RAM and 2 CPUs. 8GB RAM are recommended though.

Installations with 4GB should skip the installation of OpenERP and Bahmni Reports:

bahmni -i local --skip openerp,bahmni-erp-connect,bahmni-reports install

Without this it might be necessary to start some services (e.g. `openmrs`) manually after the installation or a system reboot (see Install Bahmni on CentOS#Bahmni Services).

(2) Do the following replacement on the wiki page “Install Bahmni on Cloud (Digital Ocean)”:

Minimum 4GB RAM (for evaluation 4GB should be enough. For production use, please see Bahmni system requirements)

For hardware configuration, please see Bahmni system requirements.

(3) Add link to the System Requirements in the “Increase RAM for VM” warning on the wiki page Bahmni Virtual Box.

Are you okay with this?

Hi, I have rephrased my question to make it easier digestible. Please give some feedback.

They look good. Please go ahead and make the edits. Wiki retains history of all previous edits / pages, and so we can also revert if needed to older pages.

Thanks for the help!

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