Substituting Alternative User Management System

We are considering using OpenMRS as the repository for a client application. We are just starting to look at how everything would come together. One thing we would like to do is to implement an alternative login/user identity application, that could be used to provide single sign on across multiple elements in the stack we are going to build. We would need to be able to use the ids provided, substitute a login page, have OpenMRS be able to deal with the login and privileges that came back from this, and logout. Is this possible with OpenMRS, or OpenMRS2?

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Hi there,

We recently completed support on a module that allows users to access OpenMRS using oauth. The plan was that this module would thereby allow users to work with external user management systems such as ATNA etc. Technically, I feel that this module should allow you to do what you want? :smile:

Interesting. It’s certainly a start. We haven’t selected a management system yet, but we can make this a criteria. It’s pretty common for those systems to do so. Thanks for the info.