Students taking Open Source Class

Hi everyone!

I’m Cathy a junior studying Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania. Along with another student, Andy, we have been working on introductory issues for OpenMRS the past month. We were hoping to work on a couple of macro features for the last month of the semester but we’re having a hard time figuring out what kinds of features the project needs and what kinds of features that are within scope of our skills.

We were wondering if the community could point us in the right direction with either new feature suggestions or existing features that need to be worked on? If that’s not possible then could you point us to more issues that we could potentially work on besides the introductory tickets? Thank you so much for your help!


@cathychen, I just wanted to say… welcome to the community!

We appreciate the contributions you and Andy have made thus far, and we hope you’re having fun in the process!

Can you say a little more about what constraints you’re working under?

Because, for example, there’s a pretty significant sprint underway now to carve the legacy OpenMRS UI out of the core platform, and would certainly benefit from more hands.

Do you need to have some sort of distinct chunk of work that you can “get credit” for?

Say more about timing and class expectations, and perhaps we can point you in the right direction.

Thanks for all you’re doing for OpenMRS and the legions of underserved clinical settings around the world. :smile:

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Hi @cathychen

Thanks for your contributions to the OpenMRS Community. It’s pretty cool to have you guys stick around for more awesomeness \m/

So, for starters, you can go through the Technical Roadmap and get a big picture of what is currently being developed and their development status. You will notice that RefApp 2.3 and Platform 2.0 are currently the hot topics in the community.

As for Platform 2.0, we are currently in the middle of a sprint on migration of LegacyUI from OpenMRS core to the LegacyUI module

We also have about 30’ish tickets that are ready to be taken up and will be released with Platform 2.0 in November, right before the OpenMRS Summit in December.

Also, check out the Community Developer Status page to find tickets that are our current priorities. I think the page is currently in beta, but it’s a great place to find cool tickets to work on.

You wouldn’t want to miss on getting free Open-Source swag for your contributions here. Check out this post on Hacktoberfest to get a free Hacktoberfest t-shirt.

I think that covers most of Platform 2.0 for now. I will keep you posted about the developments and do ping me if you need any information of any kind :smiley: (IRC nick : maany)

@tharunya can tell more on how you guys could help with RefApp 2.3 :slight_smile:


Thanks for the warm welcome! :blush:

The class we’re taking spans one semester (so ends in early December) giving us a little over a month to make a “meaningful” contribution to an open source project. I would love to continue contributing to OpenMRS afterwards as clearly the community is awesome!

Let us know if there’s any new features that need to be built out or any significant part of code we can work on for the rest of the semester. Both Andy and I are looking to work on our front-end skills so the OpenMRS UI sounds super cool. Would love to hear more information about it.

Thanks for giving us all these leads! The LegacyUI migration definitely sounds like something we could work on. Do you have any good suggestions on tickets we could get started on?

Here are the tickets:

Take a look at this page too:


@cathychen I just got started working on the LegacyUI migration. There is some additional info in the comment thread at The sprint to move the legacy UI to a module is on. What I think would be helpful as a quickstart would be:

  1. Look at to see what the Legacy admin UI should look like
  2. Install openmrs-core/master and openmrs-module-legacyui and check out the admin page at http://localhost:8080/openmrs/admin/index.htm, and seeing which links/functions do not work (much of the functionality has already been removed from core and needs to be added back in legacyui)

From there it should be easy to understand the cases on the JIRA board and the instructions that @dkayiwa gave links to.