Stuck while installing MySQL

Hello community, kindly guide me. I am installing MySQL and was following guidance from wiki about “how to install mysql on windows 10” but reaching here i was stuck. Windows 10 is my OS, 64 bits. Other related videos i managed to google & watch had no this step. When tried to reconfigure it returned the message, “No compatible servers were found. You’ll need to cancel this wizard and install one”. Shared in attachment is a screenshot. @gcliff, @reagan, @jwnasambu Your help is remarkable.


Kindly ensure you are installing MySQL installer community but not web community installer.

Yes it is the MySQL installer community @jwnasambu

Don’t select any radio button when you reach the “checking requirements” step just click “execute”

@amosalimpa I would also suggest you to install MySQL version 5.6 as it works best with OpenMRS modules

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@amosalimpa which version of mysql are you installing ?

i would recommend 5.7

@amosalimpa. , On addition to the right version, I would simply recommend you to simply install a pre-packaged and pre-configured MySQL setup using wamp server. You’ll have very little struggle as compared to how your doing the installation now. Simply download and install a wamp server package. You’ll have MySQL simply installed and pre-configured for you.

Good morning @gcliff I was installing MySQL installer community version 5.6 as was advised by @sidvaish97 as “works best with OpenMRS modules”.

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Great morning @mozzy May you kindly share with me a link where i can find “wamp server” for download. Please, thank you all; @jwnasambu, @sidvaish97, @gcliff, @mozzy, for giving in your time amidst your expected busy schedules for my concern’s sake. I’m humbled.

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Here is the link for wamp server download Also get acquitted for using it

Thanks @sharif let me do. I will let you know the proceedings.

But one of your last words, “acquitted” was unclear to me. I don’t know if you meant, “acquainted” (getting used to)?

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Hey dears, WampServer seems to have installed, but how can i test it to confirm that it’s properly and fully installed?? cc: @sharif, @mozzy

Thank you all sincerely for your unwavering commitment.


You should be able to see a WAMP server icon at the system tray of your Windows PC taskbar. You should know that the WAMP server is working correctly if the icon is green. A red icon indicates an issue with Apache and MySQL and an orange icon is an indication of a problem with one of the services.

Hi Amos. could you please try to follow this video? it may be helpful.

i think now you have an assurance that wamp server is installed by seeing that icon, start getting familiar how to use it, how to connect to the openmrs instance to capture the databases and all other related stuff. Another problem that you may be aware of is connections to mysql server to the sdk. sometimes when your mysql server is not running, you may encounter server issues.

@amosalimpa This could also help

But its always good to first google around , and unless things fail , then you come for help in the community , otherwise Mr Google is much more knowledgeable that any single individual on the planet :grinning:

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Thank you dears, @gracebish, @mozzy plus others unmentioned in this small piece. You can parent indeed!! :clap:

Lem continue moving forward, “together we can”. :heavy_check_mark:

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have you been able to connect to MySQL ??