Stuck in UI legacy module instalation

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OpenMRS Core 2.4.0 Ubuntu 18.04 Tomcat7 Postgresql 12

Hi everyone

I’m stuck in the deployment of my environment. I’ve done this steps:

1- followed this post (with openmrs 2.3 war) and found troubles with liquibase so I decided to change to a newer version.


2- I found another post with the error of liquibase solved in the lastest version 2.4 (but unfortunately the link lead to 2.3 war)


3- navigating the [] folders i found a 2.4 war


4- I repeated the 2.4.1 installation wizard and finally have the platform installed

5- Im Stuck trying to instal de legacy UI module (I haven’t found the “modules” folder in app data folder. I also try creating the folder “modules” in this 2 subdirectories but it doesn’t work


I’m attending to your comments

PD: wonder if It’s possible to install it via terminal command?


Can you share your server side log via


@cianca do you mind sharing the sever logs as suggested by @dkayiwa

@cianca While you work on sharing the logs, the OpenMRS SDK commands executed at the root of your openmrs-core directory let you set up a Server and an OpenMRS distribution to run; 2.3 or 2.4 among others.

For instance: at location /home/cianca/openmrs-core$ mvn openmrs-sdk:setup

You can setup the following servers:`

  1. Distribution`
  2. Platform`

Which one do you choose? [1 /2 ]:

…If you choose Distribution, the SDK will set up with the openmrs-owa-ui module (Not Legacy UI). NOTE: At the database update step you will see the Legacy UI but the next time you run; mvn clean install openmrs-sdk:run to start up your OpenMRS instance you will see the openmrs-owa-ui.

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