Stuck between Reference Application and old UI (ID validation fails)

Hi Reference Platform people,

I seem to have a insoluble problem where:

  • With the Reference Application UI, I can’t load any old patient records - because Telephone Number seems to be mandatory, but there’s no Telephone Number Field in the old Patient registration pages
  • So I try and create new example Patients using the new UI, and the ID Validation fails. When I [Confirm] Patient record creation, I get a validation error “Invalid configuration for IdentifierSource. Length minimum set to 6 but generated 1000C”. I have several Auto-Generated Identifier sources, and I have modified them all to create identifiers of longer than 6, and even tried making all of them not-required… but I always get this error. I can’t tell what kind of Identifier is being created, as it’s not said in the error message.

Does someone know what Identifier Type is created in the “Register a Patient” page:

openmrs/registrationapp/ appId=referenceapplication.registrationapp.registerPatient


openmrs/registrationapp/ appId=registrationapp.basicRegisterPatient

they both give the same ID validation error. Reading the HTML/Javascript gives me no ideas.

Or perhaps you can tell me where I can see/edit the source for these pages?

Thanks, Keith

@keithduddy What version of the Reference Application are you using?

Hi @ssmusoke … It’s the latest one from the download site: 2.11.0, which I downloaded as the Enterprise base + ZIP file of modules.

We did some testing on the basic functionality, and then installed all the omods in the ZIP, and finally started the “Reference Application” + Reference Data + Reference Application Data. That’s when all ouring exist patient records wouldn’t display (no Telephone Number exception).

We did play with the Auto ID generartion module, at an early stage see if we could enter cross-references to patient IDs in our own software. But in the old UI, you could edit all of the IDs manually, as well as generating them, and that seems to be hidden now.

One pathway is just to start again with a fresh install. Can you tell me if the “Standalone Application” is the equivalent to the combination of the Base OpenMRS + ZIP file modules? Maybe that’s the way to do it??

cheers, Keith

You can get more information about the standalone from here: OpenMRS Standalone - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

Thanks Daniel,

I did read that page when looking at the options of Reference Application, Standalone, or Bhamni…

What I can’t find is a list of the modules that are included in the Standalone - in particular whether REST or FHIR (FHIR2) is included… or can be added after installation. I get the impression it’s not amenable to the addition of new OMOD modules, but that’s not clear from the Wiki page or the FAQ.

Does anyone know the answer to this?

I guess I can just install it and take a look, as it seems like a simple procedure.


You should be able to add any modules that you want.