Storing lat. and longitude when saving an address

To help geolocation for data analysis it would be nice to store latitude and longitude when saving an address. It can be done using If you agree, I will create an issue.

PS: lat. is abbreviated because Talk thinks I’m using bad words

Not an expert but I see geolocation data covered in the Address Layouts - does it not work

@ssmusoke, Lluis meant auto discovery of latitude and longitude based on entered addresses.

@lluismf, the thing is OpenMRS servers are not necessarily connected to the Internet so Google’s API is not the best fit.

For the purpose of data analysis I would do it in bulk when importing data to a data analysis tool. The tool could store latitude and longitude for cities and require Internet connection to discover missing places.

Fair enough! But I don’t see the point of having these fields in person_address in the first place.

The fields exist to support registering patients at home via mobile device, and capturing actual GPS coordinates that way. (I imagine this is done pretty rarely.)

The other way to determine geocoordinates for addresses in real life implementations is that many use the Address Hierarchy module. With this, you could ask people to populate geocoordinates on their address hierarchy definitions (or even feed this through the google API), and use this to populate the coordinates on ETL.

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