Storing GPS Coordinates in Openmrs

Wondering if any one is involved with storing the GPS coordinates in Openmrs?

We have house hold data and is mapped in the GIS . Is it possible to store the GPS coordinates in Openmrs.

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Checkout the address templates -

Do this includes all the GPS location of all the house hold information which we have plugged in GIS ?

I see a longitude and latitude that you can use for GPS coordinates. You will need to customize the template to capture additional administrative hierarchies if you need to

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And just in case you need more than what @ssmusoke suggested, you may also have a look at the links below:

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Hi, @sanjayap, @dkayiwa,

We are also interested in storing GPS coordinates in household or in community via mobile. Is there any update which is the recommendation how the GPS coordinates should be stored in OpenMRS? Thanks!

@ayeung is this just longitude and latitude?

@dkayiwa, yes only to store longitude and latitude for home or community. Thanks!

Those, we already have in the person_address table.

Thanks, @dkayiwa. The challenge is that we want to collect the GPS coordinates where the outreach worker locates the LTFU patient. Sometimes, the location where the outreach worker finds the patient is not at the patient’s home. It might be in the farm, church, or market. That’s why we don’t feel comfortable in using storing at the person_address table.

Oh i see. Then in that case, i would store it as a person attribute.

If you are recording GPS for the person’s home or work address, then a person attribute makes sense.

If you are recording GPS of where an encounter occurred, then that is not a person attribute. It’s an attribute of the encounter. If the encounter happened to be at the person’s work or home, you could always record a person attribute as well; however, your use case sounds like the GPS coordinates are a property of the encounter (either encounter attribute or, as a hack to associate with the encounter if you can’t record an encounter attribute: an obs).

Thanks, @burke. That’s our use case - we want to capture GPS coordinates where the encounter occurred.