Stories from real life in OpenMRS

Hey, I’m looking for good stories which we can show and tell others. We should show what good work we are doing here. I know that OpenMRS has great users, doctors, nurses, implementors, contributors, devs and many other people who have great, heart-taking stories. I need all of your stories - sad, funny, crazy, dangerous, risky - everything which is connected with OpenMRS.

I think that we should show others how we change others lives and help in a really remote part of the world. It’s really important to encourage people and inform them about possibilities to help others. Maybe some of them after reading these stories will come to us?

I just please you to write them here or on my e-mail: Don’t worry about other things I’ll correct it and write as a good story.

Thaaaanks, love you for your help


Great Step. :slightly_smiling_face:


Great initiative!


I did a talk about that!

I had to select just a couple of stories and chose carefully how I’d be talking about them.


Woow, that’s really great. I would like to learn more about these stories

wow, this is great!

At the time I collected a bunch of those reading articles and blogs from NGOs. I got a bunch from developers as well

Ooo could you share with me them? I’m really curious where I can find such stories


Can u share a bit? :grinning:

I did this talk 2 years ago, I had no reason to collate all the readings and articles I read when preparing for it.

You can see that I have links in a lot of the slides:

A few of them I asked in person, so I won’t be able to pinpoint exactly who said what.

The other ones have the name of the NGOs and links on my slides, so it should be easy to learn more about them.

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I really like this one: And I think I need to gather more stories or contacts to people like described in that article.

Do you know any people who work in hospitals/ clinics or help people?