Staying with OpenERP 7.0 with newer Bahmni releases


I am not sure how frequent of an issue this is.

Centos 6.x is pretty hard to maintain nowadays, and if you end up having an issue with the operating system, there is very little support available. Running OpenERP 7.0 today is risky.

In our implementation, we had Bahmni 0.92 with the old OpenERP (there were too many customizations, and we have not yet gotten around to upgrade to Odoo). The OpenERP server started having some IO issues that were hard to fix, mainly because we had no way of troubleshooting (cannot install simple things like iotop, iostat etc, and system was almost frozen). Installing on a fresh box was impossible because of lack of packaging support for old versions of Centos and Python.

We fixed this by installing OpenERP 7.0 on an Ubuntu 14.6, and manually configuring it with Bahmni and our custom modules. Installing OpenERP and Ubuntu was a breeze, setting up modules took some time, but it was not very hard. We are now on a supported operating system until 2024, and have some breathing space to move to Odoo.

In case anyone is looking for options to move out of Centos 6.x, this is a wonderful option. If you have any questions, ping me or @kannan . Kannan did most of the work onsite, he would know a lot better about it.


This is great. Would it be possible to create some documentation or a WIKI page?

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