Status update on RESTWS-572 Requested

**Application Name: Duplicate ConceptName validation message **Version Number: RESTWS-572

**Question: This issue is listed as READY for WORK, and is UNRESOLVED. The assignee does not appear to have posted any status updates. We are a group of university students interested in taking on this issue. Could someone please confirm that it is still available for work? My jesteśmy grupą studentów zainteresowanych pracą w OpenMRS RESTWS-572. Wygląda na to, że problem został przydzielony, ale nikt nie wykonał na nim żadnej pracy. Czy możesz sprawdzić, czy możemy podjąć problem dotyczący naszego projektu?

@jaceknowak but i think the issue is ready for work.Simply claim it and start working right away

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hi @jaceknowak “Ready for work” means the issue is ready for work :grinning:. its up for grabs . just claim it and enjoy :wink:

Thank you, Martyn (tenodmart) and Moses (mozzy). Our team will meet tomorrow to formalize our claim to the issue. Cheers.