Status of Reference Application 2.9 release process

Oops, by set it up(sorry for being equivocal in my previous post) , I meant, we will have to set the agenda(discuss technical roadmap for RefApp 2.9 in this case) for the meeting beforehand so that those who are interested may join :slight_smile:

That is always part of the agenda. So what is left is simply your jumping onto the call. :smile:

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@reubenv the PM call every Monday at 11am EST is meant for exactly what you’re requesting for, and we always encourage release managers like yourself to join the calls.

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Thanks @wyclif and @dkayiwa , I’ll make it a point to attend the next meeting on 10th :slight_smile:

@reubenv How are we doing with the release process? Are there any more blockers? Are we good to go?

cc @burke @dkayiwa @mogoodrich

Hi @c.antwi ,

I am in the process of releasing the metadata module. Since I have a small doubt, I have created a talk post for it here . It would be great if someone could check that out.

I have been growing through when I have a spare moment and releasing modules… I’ve done several, but there are still a few more to go.

I was suggesting coming up with a deadline for getting these completed… deadlines are always good for motivation… :slight_smile: Have we come up with one yet?

Take care, Mark

Hey @mogoodrich and @reubenv

I would really like us to finish, so would November 30 be ok? I can send a few reminders :grinning::grinning:

Thank you !

@reubenv do you think you can release openmrs platform 2.0.7? The CI failure that you are getting is a result of this snapshot dependency.

Hi @c.antwi, unfortunately I am currently blocked due to one of the servers not having some data. Raff will fix that by the end of this week. So as soon as that’s done, I can go ahead with. We’ll surely strive for 30th but can’t promise :slight_smile:

@dkayiwa, thanks for looking into it. Platform 2.0.7 ? If I’m not wrong , that should already be released right?


Sure, that sounds reasonable to me @c.antwi for the things that I need to do, though the issue that @reubenv mentioned may be a blocker on his end…

@dkayiwa is the reference app still on 2.0.x, as opposed 2.1.x?

In lieu of the Event and FHIR modules, can the @SolDevelo team please provide us with any updates?

As in, will these modules be having new releases scheduled to be released with Ref App 2.9? If yes, then can you please give us a tentative date by which they may be released?

Also, please edit this page with your updates.

@mogoodrich the latest reference application runs on platform 2.1.3

Thanks @dkayiwa… I was just wondering based on the 2.0.7 Platform questions…

In other updates, I believe I’ve released all the modules assigned to be, excluding:

  • OWA module (not sure why this was assigned to me, though I can try to do it)
  • Core Apps module (requires Core 2.2.0-alpha release)
  • REST Web Services (requires Core 2.2.0-alpha release and @reubenv is working on this)

Take care, Mark

Thanks @mogoodrich @reubenv and @dkayiwa for the updates.

Do we foresee any blockers towards meeting our deadline on the 30th November? There will be a presentation regarding @SolDevelo the PM call this afternoon so hopefully we will have concrete updates for that.

Thanks Cynthia


I should be able to handle my tasks, there’s just one module left assigned to me that hasn’t been released… however the Core 2.2.0-alpha release might be a blocker depending on @samuel34’s timeframes.

Also, there are some modules that are assigned to others beyond Daniel, myself, and Soldevelo. I know that @mseaton has a few assigned to him and he is visiting one of our site’s this week so may not have a chance to do the releases… I can try to cover for him, but it’s a rather busy week here as well.

Hope that helps a bit… :slight_smile:

Take care, Mark

To be honest I have been blocked by exams for today and yesterday. But I’m sure if factors remain constant, I must sleep after doing the release :flushed:

@mogoodrich Let me know if there are any that I can take up. I would love to assist with a few but unfortunately, I have been met by a series of blockers. Nonetheless, if you need help with any or maybe the ones which have been assigned to @mseaton, I can try taking them up.

Any updates with respect to these modules @SolDevelo ?

Not an issue @samuel34 , please let us know if you face any issues :slight_smile: