Status of Platform 2.2 release process

@samuel34 thanks for the great work you’re doing as the release manager of this milestone, what is the status of the release of Platform 2.2? Are we still on schedule for a September release?

From our technical roadmap, we still have IDGEN-42 and TRUNK-5342 a sub task of TRUNK-5015 that are still incomplete, it would be nice if you could follow up with the devs they are assigned to and get their statuses.


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Thanks for the interest and the followup on platform 2.2.

  • For IDGEN-42, @dkayiwa is doing some great work on it and I’m sure he will fix this in time.
  • For TRUNK-5342, @mozzy is working on this. I talked to him and he promised to finish this in the shortest time possible.



This is just an update of platform 2.2 release.

  • For IDGEN-42, @dkayiwa could you get done by this by at least today. Its long time since we were updated about progress.
  • For TRUNK-5342, I finished working on it and @dsurrao is expected to test and confirm whether the migration really works intuitively.

@burke, @darius development is done slowly but behind the curtains. So I expect to trigger the release process by next week :slight_smile:

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