Status of HIE-2

Hi guys, @ibacher does any one know the status of this HIE-2

Is this already released in the Client Registry Module ?

@tendomart Please don’t add loosely-related comments to existing threads; just create a new thread. AFAIK, the status of that ticket is exactly the status it says on that ticket, i.e., the work still isn’t part of the module.

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Sure , won’t repeat that. Do you then have any work around of fetching a patient using identifier directly from OpenCR via openmrs ? Do you have any pointers if am to discard the CR module for now ?

Hope the Epic is spliced into tickets for collaboration .Just incase

cc @miirochristopher @johnblack

Well, implementing the ticket would the best way forward… I think that’s the intention. It just hasn’t been enough of a priority for anyone to commit to writing the necessary code.

That’s correct. But we’re implementing that workflow and it would be a great priority for us to write that code.

I think you can feel free to take over that ticket then, since it hasn’t been updated in a while.

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will need to understand the design and context, then can proceed.