Status and source for De-Identified Data Export Module?

De-Identified Data Module:

System Version: None

Issue or Question: Trying to find the status of this module, with a possibility of leveraging it for our work in Uganda. What is the status, is any source code available?

You can find the source code here - But I see that it hasn’t been updated in the last 2 years. @burke is listed as the project champion, so he might know more.

Also @mseaton can point you to some code that’s an alternate approach to this.

I put together this library a few years ago:

The README should provide a fair amount of information as to what it does and how it can be configured.

The general idea is that it is a command-line tool that produces a file that is equivalent to what mysqldump produces, but which provides options for transforming (eg. de-identifying or reducing) the data as it is being exported.

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Thanks will look through and revert with additional questions