State of Android client project

I am a graduate student currently pursuing my Masters at San Francisco State University. I’ll be soon contributing to this project for my final year at my university. My advisor and Professor, Dr. Barry Levine has been heavily involved with OpenMRS for a while now and he has been guiding me for past several months to familiarize with the OpenMRS development environment.

I’m interested to know what kind of work is expected from this project. I would like to know the vision and future roadmap of the Android client project. I’m currently investigating and understanding the code repository of the Android client. In doing so, I’m trying to note down the current feature set and limitations of the Android client. Also to look at avenues to implement new features that could prove to be valuable.

I’d appreciate it if anyone can provide me with information that could steer me in the right direction to begin contributing to this project.


Hi Vishal,

Thanks for volunteering to work on the Android client project. There are currently no issues in the project, which are ready to be worked on. However there are plenty of possible features that users might be interested in like patient registration, exposing all built-in OpenMRS 2.x Reference Application forms, defining and filling out custom patient forms, various UI improvements.

At the moment there is no implementation using the client. It is most likely due to the fact that we are missing many key features. The project has been started by Soldevelo developers, but it is no longer being developed by them. It is your chance to take it on yourself and bring to the level that would be interesting enough to use by implementations.

If you wish to work on the project, just start creating issues in JIRA, ask for feedback, prioritize and implement them :slight_smile: You can always reach out to me for more guidance.

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Thanks for the reply @raff. To clarify, what do you mean by there is no implementation using the client? Does it mean the client is currently not in use?

I have checked out the source code repo Currently I’m trying to list down the features the client currently provides. With that, I can generate a requirement spec for new features I can possibly implement. Once I have those done, I’ll be ready to add tasks into the JIRA.

To digress a bit, IntelliJ IDEA is the preferred IDE for OpenMRS development? I’ve setup the Android client project in that currently.

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hi @vshankar My name is Hossam, I’m implementing OpenMRS in a university clinic.I’m using OpenMRS to refer patients to Providers.

What I’m really missing is a notification system to notify providers on their phones (which is h wproviders connect to the system in my implementation) once a patient is referred to them.

so providers would be logged in on the android client or on their phone browser and once a patient is referred, a notification with a sound appears on their phones.

would you be able to help with that?