Startup Setting Error

**Application Name:**Openmrs-Core

Question: Hello Friends, On deploying the Openmrs war file on tomcat windows,the app runs smoothly but problems arose when i deployed the same file on tomcat-ubuntu 14LTS,with the following error.

Error! A runtime properties file is needed for OpenMRS to start up consistently. OpenMRS is unable to create this file : /var/lib/OpenMRS/ Because of this error : No such file or directory

Could there be any suggestions,i personally believe i need to reconfigure some seetings but not yet figured out how,Thank you.

Can you paste the complete log at or and share the link here? Please also provide the OpenMRS version details.

There is also some information here about where the runtime properties file is created in Windows.

Thank you pascal…I ah for the version am not pretty sure but let me paste the log

The Error log can be found at have been trying to get the version from the Documentation browsing in the tomcat-webapps folder but without much success