starting openmrs-esm-core

Running it locally failed completely , I tried running all the installations , but when I start the app specifically esm-login-app , I fall into certain errors :point_right: as shown here ! , I then installed the node modules with in the specific package esm-login-app then running yarn start I get a blank page ! Am looking for quick, brief guidance on how to start this successfully thanks alot ! => any clues at this point . cc : @dkayiwa @sharif @burke @mozzy @herbert24

on a successful clone,

  • cd openmrs-esm-core

  • yarn install

  • yarn setup

  • yarn build (optional) i think it is done by yarn setup

  • yarn verify verify that everything is setup correctly

  • split your terminal

  • in one terminal run yarn run:shell

  • in second terminal cd packages/apps/esm-login-app and run yarn serve then follow instructions about Import Map Overrides

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@josephkagimu1 i think @jnsereko suggestion is fairly enough to keep you going.

@jnsereko thanks for that guidance