Starting OpenMRS and Importing data from OpenEMR

Hello everyone

I am Kumara. I have been in this forum briefly in 2018 and 2019.

I have two issues to ask advice.

  1. How do I get a quick start of the current production version of the OpenMRS and its functionalities. Is it only DEMO site? any videos or tutorials?

  2. How do I get a production level installation done (maybe in Cloud server - digital ocean droplets ?)

  3. Is it possible to import data from OPenEMR to OpenMRS? Has anybody done this?

We have decided to migrate to OpenMRS because of political and financial reason and not because of technical reasons. I still think that. OpenEMR is one of the excellent OS EMRs available for a person with little programming knowledge searching for a out of the box EMR solution.

OpenMRS is different and we think we would be better off using OpenMRS.

I have been very upfront and hope you will be kind enough to advice me regarding the questions

Thanking you all in advance


1.Could this be of help on how to install the current openmrs version
2. on how to import data from openEMR to opeMRS

@kmendis Bahmni is the most complete (out of the box EMR) OpenMRS distribution that am currently aware of. Did you get a chance to look at it?