Starting 1.11.5 Throws Errors

I have OpenMRS Version: 1.11.5 Build a0c979 with only logic module installed. I have deployed this on Tomcat7 but whenever I start the server I see this error thrown in the logs. I see two problems, the first being:

Parameter mismatch parsing signatures section in dwr.xml on line: DWREncounterService.findEncounters(String phrase, Integer patientId, boolean includeVoided)

The second being: ERROR - ForEachDisplayAttributeTag.prepare(56) |2016-02-09 15:32:45,720| Error getting attributes org.openmrs.api.APIAuthenticationException: Privileges required: Get Person Attribute Types

Although the system finally starts and I can login successful but I am still wondering what could be causing these problems. Is there a way I can make these errors disappear (Other than deleting them of course :smile:) ? If it is of any help I have upgraded from version 1.8.2.

Thanks in advance.

So it appears the first error is thrown when accessing the index.htm page while the second one happens intermittently. I will keep investigating while waiting for anyone with any information that may help.

IIRC the first one is because DWREncounterService.findEncounters is overloaded, but DWR (or Javascript) do not support overloading. I fixed a very similar bug a long time ago, the solution is to rename it.

I am not sure I am following here. Are you saying DWREncounterService.findEncounters(String phrase, Integer patientId, boolean includeVoided) is overloaded?

This should fix the DWR error:

Thanks Daniel, I suppose this has been implemented after 1.11.5 so it should be available in the next maintenance release, right?

Yes, that is Correct.