Start Visit in the registration page

Hi, please i would like to understand how to simply start a visit for patient who has been registered already. what I noticed in order to enable the consultation tab i need to start the visit but the problem is the start visit drop down button is on the registration page. is there another way to make things simple.

Please need help, thank you.

You can do that by setting “allowConsultationWhenNoOpenVisit” to true at the extension.json configuration file. The configuration file is located at the bahmni_config project (on the server I believe it would be at /opt/bahmni_web/etc/bahmni_config/openmrs/app/clinical/extension.json). This configuration will enable consultation even without a current active visit. The visit will be created when you save the consultation.

You can find more information at implementers guide here's+Guide

@biruk yes i did i followed the instruction explained here they said at clinical/app.json as you can see below i set “allowConsultationWhenNoOpenVisit”: true but still it does not enable the consultation link

Yes, sorry I have a slightly customized version of bahmni with different clinical modules and that configuration is placed differently. You are right it is located at app.json. It should work though. Can you see at /etc/bahmni_web/ssl.conf where the alias bahmni_config is mapped to? Normally this would be at /var/www/bahmni_config. The location /var/www/bahmni_config is then a soft link to some other location where the acutal configuration folder is located (in your case it should be /home/bahmni_support/default-config)

yes it is located at /home/bahmni_support/default-config/openmrs/clinical/app.json i did the setting as you can see below

But still it does not work.

Can you open /etc/bahmni-web/ssl.conf and search for /bahmni_config to see where the alias is mapped to. I am assuming that your configurations are not picked up by bahmni app

            Alias /bahmni /var/www/bahmniapps
            Alias /document_images /home/bahmni/document_images
            Alias /bahmni_config /var/www/bahmni_config
            Alias /implementation_config /var/www/implementation_config
            Alias /bahmni_revisions /var/www/bahmni_revisions
            Alias /uploaded_results /home/bahmni/uploaded_results
            Alias /uploaded-files /home/bahmni/uploaded-files

Ok. Go to /var/www and run the ll command, bahmni_config should be a soft link to your /home/bahmni_support/default-config directory where your configurations are located. If not then you need to create/modify the soft link to point to that directory

@biruk Thank you, it works now