Start visit/End visit option is not working.

Hi ,I trying to start visit to patient and click on confirm button but application is not response for start the visit and not open the visit screen.

OpenMRS Version: 1.11.6 Build 0d219

Which version of the reference application is this? Are you able to reproduce it here

Reference Application Module 2.3 / Reference Demo Data Module 1.4.1

Yes, demo ( link is working for this option but on my pc not working.

Do you have any javascript errors? Or errors in the tomcat logs?

I have not got the any javascript error on screen but, tomcat logs is given message like this “ERROR - uncaughtException_jsp._jspService(441) |2016-07-06 15:53:22,687| Exception was thrown by not authenticated user org.openmrs.api.APIAuthenticationException”

Can you look at the attached log file.

tomcat log.txt (15.7 KB)

On your local installation, do you have any required visit type attributes?

Yes, I have created one visit type attributes.

Try turn off its required property and see if the visit will save.

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@dkayiwa ,thanks - Its great solution ,Working fine.