start the OpenMRS web application fails to run

start the OpenMRS web application fails to run when i excute mvn jetty:run …any help to overcome this problem? @dkayiwa @jwnasambu @herbert24 @reagan @ruhanga

It says that the address is already in use, can you try running the application on a different port or kill the application running on port 8080?

On windows machine you can check if an application is running on a particular port using,

netstat -ano | grep '8080'

as @captaindavinci said,you arleady have a service running on port 8080, use netstat -aon | findstr 8080 to find what is listening to 8080,you can then kill that task by using taskkill /f /pid 777 for example.Note:777 stands for what 8080 is listening at and you might get a different value after you running the first command.Then you can repeat using the maven jetty:run

@herbert24 @captaindavinci @dkayiwa @jwnasambu whenever i try to kill that port am told Access denied yet am in adminstrator

Sorry about it. Are you kiling the port 8080 or the pid?

@jwnasambu yes

Pid value and port 8080 are different. Which one are you using on netstat -lnp | grep command

netstat -aon | findstr 8080
taskkill /f /pid 3772

@jwnasambu @herbert24 @dkayiwa i tought that was what i was supposed to do

Could this be of help

@ndacyayisenga Alternatively, open the Command Prompt as an administrator and run the command .

@jwnasambu which command runs as adminstrator? c0z my pc runs in admin

Hit Start, type “cmd,” and you’ll see “Command Prompt” listed as the main result. Right-click that result and choose “Run as administrator.”

@jwnasambu thanks so much… i used process hacker am now cleared


Thanks @herbert24, this worked for me though my server was listening to taskkill/pid 12008

ohh that always changes it can be some other figure the next time

Thats right i think it is created at runtime when the server is running