Standard knowledge

Hello Developers, am new here, am glad to join this platform, i have a question bugging me, what is the minimum knowledge am required to know, in order to be in position of my own free will to participate in the discussions?

you can read through this that has all the information about us and how you can participate in different areas we are involved in

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Thanks @herbert24 for that heads up hint, it helpful and shows that it is a diverse group of people and my consern is to those interested in software development, what level am i supposed to be in order to participate

you do not need any level to participate, checkout this

thanx that is my answer thax alot


I actually think we should recommend this slightly newer version: (note the change from Getting -> Get).

@kamajo Welcome to the community! As @herbert24 said, we really want developers of any skill levels and knowledge. This is an open source community and we all create a better product by working together and sharing our insights.


Thank you @ibacher let me make an initiative to follow up

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