Squads: How to get ready for OMRS20: Annual Squad Showcase!

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OMRS20 is only a couple of weeks away. Instead of having our usual monthly showcase, a few people have suggested that squads share what they’ve been working on in 2020 and present it during our Virtual Implementers Meeting.

Squad leads, here are five things you can do to get ready by 29 November:

  • Sign up for a slot using our sign up sheet. We’ll have two rounds, one on 1 December and the other on 2 December.
  • Add your squad’s content to our Annual Squad Showcase slide deck.
  • Prepare or ask your squad members for demos
  • Let us know if you want any help and we’ll set up a working/practice session
  • Register for OMRS20 by following this link

Want to build off of your slides from our October Squad Showcase? Here’s the link to that slide deck.

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