SqlFileDataSetDefinition CALL stored procedure sample

Hi @mseaton, I am interested by the SqlFileDataSetDefinition report you committed. Nevertheless, I am not able to make it working. When I put simple select *, it works, but when I call stored procedure(CALL my_sp();), it doesn’t work, I didn’t have any logs. Do you have any idea or sample please ? in cc @mksd Thanks in adavnce,

Hi @amine,

We use this in our mirebalaisreports module and pihmalawi module, so you can see there for the types of SQL resources that we execute.

If you have something committed to share, I could look and see if anything stands out.

Best, Mike

Hi @mseaton, thanks for your feedback.

What I am trying to do is to create SqlFileDataSetDefinition report which contain an sql staored procedure call like below :

The concerned stored procedure is created by liquibase in my custom module.

The aim is to export that report definition using metadata sharing.

I hope I was clear, Please tell me if I am not,


@amine did you create this through the UI or are you just using the UI to show this to me? It’s entirely possible that the UI doesn’t do the right thing for this particular definition. If you are setting this up in code (ideally with a unit test) that would be helpful.

@mseaton yes I did it with the UI, because as I said, I want to export that as configurations using the metadata sharing module. I don’t want to write specific codes for that as it seems to me possible to do it entirely with configurations.