Special Thanks to the Andela Apprentices!

I just want to publicly express our gratitude to the team of Andela developers who have been contributing to OpenMRS by rewriting our legacy cohort builder using new and modern technologies. It all ended last week, and this team has done an amazing work that some of you have already been following through the demos that they have been sharing at the end of each iteration.

Even if the apprenticeship ended last week, they have promised to continue contributing, whenever time will allow, because this is an ongoing open source project. You already can prove that by the pull requests that are still coming, even after the end.

Thank you, and thank you so much @reddberckley, @fortune, @femi, @ethan, @enahomurphy, and @aolaniran :tropical_drink: :cocktail: :bouquet:

Daniel Kayiwa On Behalf of the OpenMRS Community!


Thanks Andela and the team! Thank you @dkayiwa for leading the efforts!

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Thanks for this. Very cool. Is there a demo site?


Thank you Andela!

For anybody who wonders like me what the cohort builder actually is:

Provides a better way for users to easily search for and run saved report definitions or queries for a given group of persons or patients

I also wondered what the new technology actually is. Here is the answer:

Thanks everyone.

Here’s the link to the demo app: https://modules-refapp.openmrs.org/openmrs/owa/cohortbuilder/index.html#/

username: admin password: █████████

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@aolaniran , @reddberckley, @fortune, @femi, @ethan, @enahomurphy - Thanks so much for sharing. I’m sure there are others who will enjoy seeing cohort builder 2.0. It seems some small additions would allow this to replace the current version (which continues to be used/loved by many at PIH). For example, where do you expect to hook the app into the user experience? Does “cohort builder” remain a helpful name for this feature?

Ellen Ball Partners In Health

@darius - Sorry man, it was bound to happen that version 1.0 has been surpassed.