Sources for sample DICOM images

Hi there :satellite:

just wanted to share DICOM image sources for developers, students that would like to test their PACS (dcm4chee, …) with or without the OpenMRS Radiology Module:

Have fun!


hello sir, I like to know that when we upload dicom images to the dcm4chee, how to map that images to the patient added to the modality worklist and what parameters are required to configure in to xml of dcm image

I am using dcm4chee 3.7.7 with storescu command to upload image on dcm4chee.

Thanks @teleivo , i was actually goggling for Sample DICOM images , and came to this thread :grinning:


I’m looking for a 3D image set to test out some geostatistical ideas on. The format is not important (Dicom or any format eg jpg, etc) but I need to know voxel dimensions/units and preferably the slice thickness would equal the slice spacing. Could you point me at a specific data set?

Hi @robster :smile: sorry but I don’t know of any data set that matches your needs. I also have not worked with DICOM images for a few years now.

Good luck with your search!