Sonarqube has been upgraded (and migrated)

Sonar changed its URL.

It’s now:

(without /sonar)

Also, sonar was upgraded. There are lots of differences between the versions, including that now you need to use a token to publish results, and the old modes (‘analysis’, ‘incremental’) have been deprecated.

I had to change openmrs-core maven configuration to get the CI build to be green. It appears that the measures AND coverage are working.

I also disabled Sonar/Openmrs Core build. Do we need both builds to publish results?

cc @raff

Thanks @cintiadr! Your changes look correct, though we’ll need to find a new way of reporting back sonar quality gate failure via CI.

The sonar analysis was previously done synchronously, but now it is done asynchronously so by the time the build completes and turns green, the analysis is not yet completed and can fail at some later point.

I tried a few combinations with , using the bamboo plugin instead, but every run complains of ‘SonarQube quality gate detection failed: Unknown status. 29-Dec-2017 02:16:15’

I cannot make any sense of it.

Thanks for trying! I should be able to get back to that early next year. It sounds distant, but it’s not :slight_smile:

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loolll. :smile: