As a part of daily scrum meet I have come across this broken build and I request infra team to take care of the build :slight_smile:

cc @pascal @maany

Looks like the most recent build succeeded. @darius, did you do something (besides just re-running it) to fix it?

I just re-ran, I didn’t change anything.

@shekhar, thanks for raising this topic. It’s exactly what I hoped would happen when I programmed that notification into the bot!

However the infrastructure team is the wrong people to @mention. Typically a red build in CI is the fault of the dev team, so you should be reaching out to devs to get it fixed.

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He actually asked devs (me) on irc during scrum. After looking at the error, it looked like one of those where something is wrong at the infra server. So i lead or misled him to ping infra. :smile:

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hum… I could have been me.

I realised that Sonar was down due to another red build (first job of, I restarted the service, not sure why it was dead (sorry, didn’t have the time to investigate).

But I thought I reran all the red builds, maybe I missed one?