Sonar failures on bamboo!

Is any one aware of the cause of these failures? @raff could it be you? :slight_smile:

This build failure has been showing up for our latest scrums. Is anyone working on it or should we disable it?

I haven’t touched it. It fails due to:

build 13-Mar-2017 21:19:11 [INFO] [21:19:11.539] Create JDBC datasource for jdbc:mysql:// build 13-Mar-2017 21:19:12 [ERROR] Fail to connect to database

Started to fail at

@cintiadr, do you know of any config changes on the ci box between 3rd and 4th of March?

I’d vote for disabling the plan and taking down sonar since we now have codacy configured for openmrs-core.

I upgraded the bamboo agents on 4th Feb and 22nd Feb.

I upgraded Bamboo last weekend.

But nothing I’m aware should have changed on those days, let me see if I can find anything suspicious.

Edit: Actually, I lie! I did change firewall rules on the server, because Bamboo was disconnecting all the agents from times to times! The firewall rules were allowing way too many connections, so I closed it much more.

Does the bamboo agent itself connect straight to the that database? Or is it sonar server having trouble with the database?

Yeah, that was it, so sorry.

It didn’t even occur to me that any build would try to connect to a database on the server. I thought it was based on REST or any sort of API, not really straight to the database.

Thank you so much @cintiadr for resolving this. :smile:

@cintiadr do you have any idea whether this could also be related to the firewall issue?

Hum, I don’t think so.

If appears your build is trying to do something with a mysql server running on the agent? If you know the port and URL you are trying, I can try to debug, but I didn’t really change anything lately.

This usually happens when a previously failed instance of the standalone spawned off a mysql process and then exited without stopping it. If this was local, all i would do is kill the mysql process running at port 33326 as you can see from the connection url: jdbc:mysql:mxj://

Do you see any process running at that port? If yes, could you kill it for me? I do not seem to have ssh access to bamboo, otherwise i would do it myself. :slight_smile:

Oh, I see :slight_smile:

Instead of doing a one-off, I updated Bamboo to kill mysql processes before running a build ( I do think that’s gonna prevent problems like this in the future.

Thanks for helping on this one too. :smile: