Some info regarding reference application UI

Hi All,

In Sri Lanka we plan to use reference application in hospital. I would like to know some answers on patient dashboard.

Patient dashboard widget styling Do we have extenshions to style the widgets or should we edit the application module itself?

Adding new set of vitals Can we add new vitals to display in the dashboard?

Ability new encounter type Can we define new encounter types and use them within the patient dashboard?

Rearranging dashboard Can we rearrange the dashboard using extensions or should we edit the reference application module?

Thanks, Harsha

  1. Like what kind of styling do you plan to do? Can you give an example?

  2. About new vitals, this should be of help: Edit the Vitals Form in Reference Application

  3. Yes you should be able to add new encounter types.

  4. Can you give an example of any sort of arrangement that you are thinking of? How to add/remove fragments from dashboard & link forms

Am adding two more links below, just in case you find them helpful: