Some ID Dashboard Improvement Ideas

Hi, all. Here we meet again.

As you may know, I’m the student that have worked on GSoC2014 project OpenMRS ID Platform Improvements. Ever since last summer I’ve been contributing the Dashboard from time to time (university works blocked me :/), and I want to contribute more to this lovely community with this year’s GSoC.

Anyhow, here are few more ideas I have:

  1. Last year, I was mostly concentrating on the back-end stuff. Now that I’m learning some front-end things, we may beautify the Dashboard, and implement the ideas @elliott and @hannah have drawn up.

  2. As we migrated our data to MongoDB/Mongoose, we need an administration tool. We have chosen the formage last year. However, it’s not very mainstream, and gradually become lack of maintenance. So, in my opinion, we can try to use the whole package solutions that keystone.js provided.

  3. Some data are left in the MySQL, like the Global Navbar, which makes the dashboard a little dumb with 2 different DBs hosting different sets of data. We might merge them all into the Mongo. I’ve created ID-88 for this.

  4. We left some legacy stuff last year, like somehow unformatted ldap.js, which should definitely be improved. ID-89 is for this.

  5. Though we’ve mentioned that allowing 3rd party login like Google, Facebook etc. It’s not implemented.

  6. Fix those bugs remain on JIRA.

I’ve noticed that @r0bby, who is by coincidence an ACMer as I am, has joined to develop the Dashboard. What do you think of this, @r0bby?

Also @michael, sorry for not participating the community life. Life is sometimes busy, and the network is sometimes lame, it’s a sad story :pensive:. But I’ve been contributing, as I know that this community is lovely and doing the right things. I’ll try to be more involved, as days are still ahead for us.

That should be it.

  1. The GCI students did some amazing work and I’ll add you as an editor and viewer of the document i’m writing…took a break.

  2. +1

  3. +1

  4. +1

  5. I could probably work on this…I need to beef up my portfolio

  6. All in due time.

I started my school’s ACM chapter, which seems to be thriving. I recently graduating and am looking for work but in the meantime – no harm in cultivating good contacts and beefing up my porrfolio and and help OpenMRS :smiley: – It’s been ages since I touched Java…ID Dashboard is something i can contribute to…

While i’m at it: Why don’t we use Coffeescript…or maybe ES6 if we prefer that? Coffeescript is elegant to write in :slight_smile:

Can I add something? :slight_smile:

It’d be very useful to automatically create users in Discourse using its API, at the time of creation on the OpenMRS ID side. This is documented in Discourse Meta site in various places. Once this is working, we would also need to run a script to “catch up” all the accounts that exist in OpenMRS ID but not in Discourse yet, using the same API calls.


Ahhh, I forgot the Talk’s data. Anyway, it won’t be too hard to implement as a middleware.

I don’t know much about the Coffeescript, or ES6, I’ll have a look at them. But as a conservative person, I tend to use stable and mature solutions, and keep consistency with older works as long as they aren’t horrible. You know, adaptation needs efforts and brings new risks.

BTW… I haven’t seen the Dashboard listed on the GSoC2015 projects page, could it be added as one potential project?

It could be, in theory, but there is currently no one who volunteered as a mentor for it!

OHHHHHH :persevere:, bad news for me… @r0bby could you nicely be that one?

I would be open to that iff:

  1. @r0bby is available and willing to commit to being a mentor for the summer :mag_right:

  2. @elliott is willing to be a back-up mentor (during his Yelp internship!) to answer questions & keep Robby in line :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. A qualified student submits a suitable proposal within the guidelins of GSoC. :sunny:


Thanks for your quick reply. :smile:

Actually these things and any other things are all on my to-do lists, I’ll implement them anyway, like what I’ve been doing. But you know, participating GSoC could make me stay more focus on that.

BTW, I’ve noticed that we’re going to migrate from Groups to Discourse. So the feature you mentioned above seems to be more important, or urgent maybe. If it is, I’ll work on that soon.

Yes, the only main Google Group remaining now is dev@ … so, if we can have all OpenMRS ID matching the Discourse users, it makes it easier to @-mention someone to get their attention to a discussion. :slight_smile:

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+1. I would be more than happy to backup mentor for a project like this if @r0bby or someone else is interested!

  1. The UI Revamp project should make a big impact here :slight_smile: I’m also interested in @r0bby’s experiments with writing the front end in Ember.js…it’ll probably modernize the UI/UX as well

  2. Never seen keystone.js before, but it looks fantastic (it’s built on top of nearly everything we use on the backend). +1

  3. +1

  4. +1

  5. This could probably be done along with a two-factor authentication implementation. Low priority but +1

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More than happy to commit to being a mentor! @elliott – I am not opposed to mentoring a student with the two-factor auth or doing it myself…either way works for me :slight_smile: I’ll flesh out some kind of an wiki page up…are there ideas up?

right now however – my father is ill and in the hospital (mentioned already) so I am available on a very limited basis until my dad bounces back.

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The UI Revamp…I was going to first convert the layout from Bootstrap to Bourbon Neat in OpenMRS ID – I don’t think we need Ember with OpenMRS ID particularly – it could be nice to have but not needed…more interested in experimenting with the frontend of Modulus – which will benefit from Ember.js – Modulus would get a similar treatment.

@r0bby Please send an email to community@ so we can start the mentor application process ASAP.

@michael, done! Let me know what you need from me…I emailed from my Gmail – but if you want me to use my OpenMRS – I also have that synced in Thunderbird

Hi Team, Are we have module integrate login via social media accounts such as facebook, google, etc.

No, OpenMRS ID is used as the single source of truth for all accounts on OpenMRS infra. OpenMRS ID is in desparate need for TLC though… but no, it’s not included currently.