some guidance on how solve this travis failure issue

Hello community, i have run mvn clean install in my command line and got BUILD SUCCESS but got travis ci failure as in here

@dkayiwa @ssmusoke

Share the link to your .travis.yml file

do you mean this one

Nope in your code repo - how do you trigger the build?

is it the one you want ?

Was the build successful locally?

yes it was

language: java jdk:

  • openjdk6
  • oraclejdk7 script: mvn clean install --batch-mode matrix: allow_failures:
    • jdk: oraclejdk7 branches: only:
    • 1.11.x notifications: email: false irc: channels:
      •” template:
      • “[%{repository}] [%{commit}] [%{author}] %{message} - %{build_url}” before_install:
  • cat /etc/hosts # optionally check the content before
  • sudo hostname “$(hostname | cut -c1-63)”
  • sed -e “s/^\(127\.0\.0\.1.*\)/\1 $(hostname | cut -c1-63)/” /etc/hosts | sudo tee /etc/hosts
  • cat /etc/hosts # optionally check the content *after

So the error is after the pull request? Have you tried this

yaa been reading through it but haven’t gotten an answer yet