Some Excel Functions in OpenMRS Report Templates Do not Work

Hello Community, I have an issue here with building reports using a template in excel. I am trying to use the COUNTIFS function in an excel template to auto compute some fields, however it doesn’t seem to be supported. I end up with a #VALUE error in the excel field where i have put this function. I am depending on openmrs reporting v1.23.0 , tried with 1.25.0 but it doesnt help. Any advice is highly appreciated

Firstly what comes to my thinking is;

  1. version of excel
  2. version of openmrs reporting

The later, you have tried to change. that’s fine. though further thoughts could still come in. @dkayiwa

The version of excel am afraid it needs upgrade or downgrade to comply with the function availability. For now i would reccommend you use SUMPRODUCT if the problem is about versions.

The function is new in excel 2007: The Excel COUNTIFS Function

@thembo42 the excel version openmrs supports is .xls (2003) and the function countifs exists . I cant use get what i want with countif

sorry i meant SUMPRODUCT function instead of COUNTIFS in 2003. otherwise according to excel docs its not supported.

cc @dkayiwa @burke