[SOLVED] Problem Restarting Reference Application

I am running reference application 2.8 using docker-compose. Unfortunately, every time I restart tomcat container, several modules are not started. I can’t tell exactly which one because even the UI is not displayed, displaying the following error page instead.

I have tried to resolve this issue by removing all modules and then adding a few at a time. This is time consuming as I have to add a few restart the server, make sure everything works and then repeat the cycle by keeping add a few modules until all are added. Eventually all modules start successfully and I see the refapp UI and use it. Unfortunately, if I restart the server for whatever reason afterwards the same problem reappears.

Here is the log file: openmrs.log.txt (360.4 KB)

It turns out the following line in the log file has been the problem all along.

Caused by: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException: Duplicate entry ‘b8bbf83e-645f-451f-8efe-a0db56f09676’ for key ‘location_tag_uuid_index’

I don’t know where this line was coming from or which module was running the insert statement. Scanning the log file did not help. Nevertheless simply changing the offending UUID in the database record solved the problem.

That’s awesome Presumably trying current released Referenceapplication 2.11.0 would also be nice to go :ok_hand:

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