[SOLVED] Enhancement - Web Services Rest - Link Provider to Person Resource

As part of using the REST end-point, we are interested in returning some of the provider details for a user who has logged in (all our users have the provider attribute set)

From looking at the code, it seems that the Person Resource does not have the ability to navigate the relationship to the provider

I am looking for advice to do this, however it seems that we need to create a UserResource1_9 which is the version in which the Provider Resource appears

Any ideas @mogoodrich @dkayiwa @solemabrothers

Which exact details of the provider are you interested in?

@dkayiwa name, uuid, id etc since we need to use it in other forms.

Can I get a custom representation without having to make another API call

Thanks @dkayiwa for the advice, we have overridden the default session then added the provider element representation

Great that you have something that works. :slight_smile: