Software Security Lead: Isaac Sears!

We would like to recognize the important contributions of @isears by awarding him the role of Software Security Lead. He has demonstrated incredible commitment to OpenMRS over the years, investigating security issues, leading efforts to resolve them, and more recently, shaping our guidance on security vulnerabilities.

I asked Isaac if he could share a little bit about himself for those who might not know him very well:

I’ve been contributing to OpenMRS in my spare time for the last 3 years now: mostly working on the software security side of things, but also occasionally helping out with small-scale implementations. I used to do computer/network security for my full-time day job, but (in part inspired by work I’ve done here in the OpenMRS community) I recently decided to change careers from tech to medicine. I’m currently back in school trying to knock out some premedical requirements so I can apply to medical schools next summer. Even though I’m switching careers, I’ll always be a bit of an engineer at heart, and I definitely plan to continue my involvement in the community.

@isears, we’re grateful that you are a part of our community and for all the ways you are making OpenMRS better! Thank you!


congs @isears for the new role in the community

Very well deserved! Thanks again @isears for contributing towards saving lives. :slight_smile:

Thanks @jennifer!

It’s been great working with you all over the last few years and I look forward to many more years of working with this amazing community!

It’s great to have you here, @isears! You do such a great job

Well deserved @isears, your contributions have been of great value.

FYI, you might want to reach out to @burke, another engineer turned into doctor :slight_smile:

@isears thanks for the effort isears.

Congrats @isears

Congrats @isears

Congratulations for the achievement!