Software Installing

Hey Everyone! I downloaded the software from the official site of OpenMRS. It downloaded as a zip folder, I extracted it and as the Readme file I run the .jar file to install it showing me Error. I am trying it is not working what I have to do install it. Please someone give me tips


@rishabhdixit1 Oh sorry! What are you trying to achieve?

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@rishabhdixit1 I would recommend setting up the local server using Set Up OpenMRS Server with OpenMRS SDK and Docker - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki. If you want to explore with the online servers then you can use OpenMRS 2 demo and OpenMRS 3 demo.

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I want to install the software only to use

Cool! one trick to get timely answers from the community members is to specify the what you are doing e.g installing an sdk server, the guide you are following and share the error you are getting using Otherwise, you are on the right track