SMART on FHIR ideas?

Hi everyone, as part of the GSoC project here we need to create a SMART application which will use the OAuth module and access the FHIR resources. The initial work and research for the SMART application is done and the Authorzation endpoints are ready. With this post I wanted to get some insight from the community on what’d be the best way to go forward with SMART on FHIR? As you may know, we can go forward in two ways

1.Standalone Launch – user launches app and picks an OpenMRS server 2. OpenMRS/Portal Launch – user picks an app from within OpenMRS (OpenMRS can pass along context like encounter and patient)

Here are the Launch Sequences for both the cases :slight_smile:

  1. Standalone Launch

  2. OpenMRS Launch

@maany @harsha89


Launching the app from an EHR would be a more typical use case, I believe.


I agree with @tmdugan. The EHR Launch scenario gives us more flexibility. Instead of the client always being aware of server URL, it can always get the latest URL by querying the server first. Having said that, let’s discuss on a call today which one can be better implemented in the time frame we have :slight_smile: