Small facility looking for technician consulting

Not sure if it is the right place to post this . If it is not my apology . We are a small facility looking for technician that can teach us and give us remote assistance .


What type of technical training/assistance are you looking for @itaney10 ? You can also fill the “Contact us” form on Bahmni: Contact Us — Bahmni™

Thanks for your reply . We look for technician to train of engineer. I filled your form . Thanks again .

Hi @itaney10, I don’t know whether @MekomSolutions could help you on a consulting basis, it would depend on the volume of work, timeline, etc.

But if you’re maintaining a Bahmni deployment in Haiti you should probably consider inheriting Bahmni Haiti. There’s currently two separate organisations feeding into this common base distribution for supporting multiple deployments in Haiti.

Additionally following the way things are plug together would probably give a lot of technical hints.

Perhaps @reagan could elaborate a little more on the uses cases that are covered, and how things are done.

I hope this helps already.

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Also, do consider sharing this training material with your engineer. This is a good overview of Bahmni and many technical aspects:

Thanks for your help , really appreciate it

Thanks for you help