Slow Sync between EMR to OpenElis but Sync from OpenElis to EMR works faster - How to speed it up?

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Hello Team,i got some little challenge . when i try to make a lab order request,the sync to OpenElis takes longer and at times totally fails but sync from openElis to EMR and to ERP works perfectly, any issue why the delay? Thanks

Have you checked “Repeat interval” setting for the schedulers? Login to OpenMRS->Administration->Manage Scheduler

Hello @ramashish, thanks for the guidance on the matter,to which value in seconds could i adjust,and am not sure which configuration scheduler should i adjust,atom feed or all schedulers, Thanks

The ones starting with OpenELIS are for events published from OpenELIS i.e. sync from OpenELIS to OpenMRS which you mentioned are working faster.

So please check the schedule for OpenMRS event publisher task. I see 2 of them, I will have to check why 2 are same!

This will only adjust the schedule of reoccurrence but if any of the events are failing you will have to check log or use atom feed console. As it can get delayed but should not fail.