Slack Channel Link of Android-Client Project

@saurabh @jwnasambu Can you give me the link to slack channel where I can discuss something related to android-client project?

@saurabh @jwnasambu Please share the slack channel link with me. So that I can ask some doubts there.

There is no slack channel that I am aware of. Please ask your doubts here itself.

Correct: there is no Slack channel for the Android-Client project because this project does not have a squad or team currently working on the project.

I recommend using Talk to discuss and ask questions about this project for now. It’s our version of the mailing list and is ideal for this kind of asynchronous communication. You’ll get more eyes on it than you would in a Slack channel.

Slack is really meant to help squads and teams have more real-time discussions about their day-to-day work.

For more information about our community’s communication tools and when we use them, please check out our Communication Conventions.

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Am sorry for a bother! can we create time and we meet with him and others who wish to be on-boarded? Kindly feel free I know you are also busy.

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Hi @jwnasambu Yes, the session we did last year went really well so the plan is to have another onboarding session for newcomers this year - probably in mid or late February. I made sure we had it in the GSoC Admin plan. :slight_smile:

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Well! thanks for the feedback. The on-boarding am requesting @saurabh to get a day we meet is not related to GSoC but Android as a project the workflow and the codebase as we also get the gap in the document through the newbies feedback.


Thanks for the clarification, @jwnasambu! Let’s do both. :slight_smile:

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@jennifer Will, do we have any projects in the android client repository? Any GSOC project ideas?

Sure @jwnasambu I will be up for it. :smiley:

@jennifer @saurabh @jwnasambu Will, do we have any GSoC project ideas in the android client repository?

@anshul I answered your question here.