Simple Data Collection

I’m going to create a simple database for a cardiac department of an Ethiopian clinic using only names, contact details and their diagnosis. Other buttons should not appear. Do you have any idea how this can be implemented?

Which version of OpenMRS are you trying out?

Reference Application 2.9.0 Standalone

Did you try out the different roles and privileges as mentioned here?

Thanks. This is a good guideline. I tried 2 roles and privileges, but not quite as it is described here. I will test it tomorrow.

Do you know how I can generate an icon at the user dashboad (role=doctor) to print a report? Because today I tested your module XReports. Good work!

Can you share a screenshot or mockup of how you would love that to look like?

How does that serve you better than the default one supplied by XReports?

I could not assign XReports to a user in the account management. It was not available at the capabilities section.

This is the required privilege:

Where do I have to paste the syntax code?

You create a role and add that privilege to it.

If the privilege does not exist, you can add it.