Sign Up for virtual COVID-19 Lightning Talks!

Over the past two weeks, we’ve been learning about a variety of COVID-19 tools that are being scoped and built by a number of people in the community. We’ve heard about PIH’s need for facility forms, Nepal EHR’s screening tool and dashboard, Kenya’s work on quarantine forms, a growing number of reports, and interest in data exchange with other tools like Medic Mobile, and much more.

We’d like to give anyone and everyone in the community an opportunity to share what they’re working on and learn more about what others are doing. Lightning Talks are a great way to do this.

We’re organizing a special round of virtual Lightning Talks for this Wednesday, April 15 at 6:30pm IST | 4pm Nairobi | 3pm Cape Town | 1pm UTC | 9am Boston | 6am Seattle

If you are interested in doing a Lightning Talk, please include a title, a short description, who might be interested in the topic, what people should expect to get out presentation, and who would be presenting (can be yourself or may be others).

Even if you don’t have Lightning Talk idea, let us know what you’re interested in hearing about. If we have more proposed Talks than time for this week, we’ll schedule another round.


Partners In Health COVID-19 response

Description: Currently deployed functionality in OpenMRS for COVID-19 (labs, diagnoses) and next steps

Audience: RefApp implementers

Presenter: Ellen Ball