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(Cromwel Lindy) #1

Suggest topics for the Lightning Talks session

Lightning talks are rapid fire talks (rigidly limited to 5 minutes maximum) to allow a single session to cover a dozen or so presentations. It’s a great way to share your ideas with the community as you get 5 minutes of their undivided attention.

Even if you don’t have ideas for sessions to suggest in mind, please take a moment to browse sessions being suggested below and “like” (click the heart) any suggestions that you would like to attend. You may get some ideas for new topics from seeing others’ suggestions.

Please include a title, a short description, who might be interested in the topic, what people should expect to get out presentation, and who would be presenting (can be yourself or may be others). Putting “####” in front of your title will highlight it in your post.

  • Please limit replies only to sessions (avoid discussions in this thread) – i.e., if you want to discuss any entry below or this topic in general, click on the timestamp for the post (on the top right edge of it) and then click the “+ New Topic” link to create a linked topic.

  • If you see something you like… vote for it! If someone has suggested an idea you would like to see, please “like” the post by clicking its heart icon.

(Stephen Senkomago Musoke) #2

An opinionated approach to OpenMRS Customization for Large Scale Rollouts

This lighting talk further expounds on my thoughts on how to approach at customizing OpenMRS for large scale rollouts > 50 sites, how to setup, manage and distribute the implementation code. This is based on experiences with UgandaEMR which is currently running in ~800 sites in Uganda.

These ideas were initially documented in this blog post

(Ellen Ball) #3

Prenatal care and delivery using OpenMRS

Partners In Health has an innovative new prenatal program using support groups. This lightning talk will describe the various features in PIH EMR (RefApp) used for this project. This will go into production in Dec 2018 and spread to 2 other hospitals in the next months.

(Gregory Schmidt) #4

EHR User Interface Design: first principles, foundational components, and the future

Rapid 4:55 minute summary of EHR user interface design

Based on this work

With new updates

(Andrew Kanter) #5

Leveraging a curated concept dictionary from CIEL

For those people constantly confused about what is CIEL, OCL and the OpenMRS Concept dictionary, this will basically give a brief orientation to the difference and how you can interact with them.

(Burke Mamlin) #6

A call for collaboration on a customizable web application.

The OpenMRS Community has evolved into a growing number of siloed web applications. This is a call for us to leverage the opportunity to increase collaboration through development of a new, customizable web application.

(Burke Mamlin) #7

GSoC 2019

OpenMRS is applying for Google Summer of Code 2019. This is a heads up & reminder of how valuable mentoring GSoC students can be for individual organizations and the community as well as the potential for long term benefits of actively participating.

(Ali Habib) #8

A quick overview of a complete data system (mobile app, connected diagnostics, call centre based outreach) for large TB control programs built using OpenMRS - being used in Pakistan.

(Jeremy Ogembo) #9

Banda Go

Adding onto what Banda Health has learnt from the Cashier and Inventory modules, we now have a Hospital / Clinic Centric ERP.

(Sanjaya Poudel) #10

2019 Implementer’s meeting in Nepal

(Angshuman Sarkar) #11

Introduction to Bahmni Coalition

(Omondi Owino) #12

mUzima SHR Feature

(Jessica Ruff) #14

At AMPATH we were fortunate to have a volunteer come and use her product manager experience at a start- up to introduce and implement the concept of product managers to facilitate user requests and needs. We would like to share our experience.

(Otieno Benard) #15

P-SMART Technology ####: KenyaHMIS project (under Palladium) has developed a smart card technology ecristended P-SMART, which supports storage and portability of HIV testing and immunization information for paeds (under 14 yrs). We’d like to share how this solution works from an implementation perspective.