Sierra Leone Ebola Incident Tracking, Monitoring & Reporting System

(Thomas Songu) #1

My name is Thimas Songu and I am the ICT Director, Njala University, Sierra Leone. After monitoring the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa, in particular, Sierra Leone over the past months, Njala University and partners has identified specific needs in the field for improved Ebola Contact Tracing/Monitoring in Sierra Leone.

In order to deliver the maximum impact most effectively, Njala University is working with partners to deploy information management solutions to monitor the Ebola Outbreak in Sierra Leone.

This Sierra Leone Ebola Response site has been deployed as a DEMONSTRATION ONLY of some of the modules that could support the:

Disease Tracking, Dead Victim Identification, Hospital Management Mapping, Statistics Logistics & Donation Management, Health Worker / Personnel, and Who’s Doing What Where

We would like to integrate an e-health module the Open MRS. Can you assist please?

With regards, Thomas

(Ellen Ball) #2

Can you send the link for the Sierra Leone Ebola Response site?



(Thomas Songu) #3

You can access the system online at: